. Fedor Emelianenko Biography.
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Vladimir Voronov



Fedor Emelianenko - was born in 1976 in Rubeshnoe Lugansk region. His mother's name is Olga Fedorovna, the teacher. His father's name is Vladimir Alexandrovich the gas-electric welder. He is the second child in the family. He has also got a sister and two brothers. In 1978 their family moved to St. Oskol Belgorod region.

His sport enthusiasm for wrestling began with self-defense and judo; at first he trained under Gavrilov V.I. The year later, he was taken into sport group, and trained under Voronov V.M. In 1991 he finished school and entered the professional college. In 1994 he ended it with a red diploma. From 1995 till 1997 served in the Russian Army, where he continued to go in for sport. In 1999 he was married; his wife's name is Oksana. In 1999 in their family was born a daughter, Masha.

1997 г. He carried off Master of Sports in self-defense (Saint-Petersburg). Two months later won an international tournament (Kursk) and became Master of Sports in judo.

1998 г. He captured a title an international Russia Master of Sports in self-defense, gaining first place in an international tournament an "A" league team in Moscow. In 1998 he became the Russia record holder and a bronze medallist at Russia championship in judo (Stove) and also a bronze medallist at Russia championship in self-defense (Kaliningrad). Later, he captured a title of champion in his own weight and became a silver medallist in an absolute weight between Russian armed forces.

1999 г. He won international tournaments in Self-defense (Moscow), became a bronze medallist of an "A" league team (Moscow, Sofia). Fedor gained the first place (Istanbul) in a team championship of Europe.

2000 г. He trained under Michkov A.V., began to make a careful study of punches technique.

2000 г. He gained the third place in Russian championship in self-defense. The he took part in a fight under version "Rings", where he achieved high results.

2001 г. He became the world wrestling record holder in a heavy weight.

2002 г. He became the champion in an absolute weight and took part in the most prestige version "Pride". He won the Russia championship in a fighting self-defense in a heavy weight (Greece, Salonika), was a captain of the team, which won the first place. He captured the world championship in fighting self-defense in an absolute weight (Panama).

2003 г. After competitions with Sam Shilt (Holland) and Hiz Hiring (USA), Fedor had a wrestling with Antonio Rodrigo Nagiera; Fedor gained the champion title. Later he gained the upper hand over Kazyuki Fudgita (Japan) and Gary Gudridg (Canada).

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