. Strikeforce FINALLY Playing Hardball with Team Fedor Emelianenko
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Strikeforce FINALLY Playing Hardball with Team Fedor Emelianenko

While most figured Strikeforce would instantly evaporate after Fedor Emelianenko’s abrupt exit from the land of The Invincibles, it appears his loss to Fabricio Werdum may have been a blessing in disguise for the future of the San Jose based promotion.

M-1 Global, the controversial company that manages Fedor, has remained steadfast in their demands for an immediate rematch in order to erase the “fluke” victory by thrashing Werdum in the do over. However, the Brazilian revealed this week that elbow surgery might require him to ride the pine until 2011.

Regardless of Werdum’s health status and what M-1 prefers, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker claims an instant mulligan ain’t happening anyway.

“It’s not Fabricio Werdum,” Coker told Sherdog.com of Emelianenko’s next opponent. “He already beat (Fedor). To me, it’s only been a month (since the first fight). We saw the Werdum fight already. I think when they eventually hook up and fight again, it will be an amazing fight and event.”

Now that Werdum appears to be out of the picture, fans can surely expect to witness the highly anticipated heavyweight scrap between champion Alistair Overeem and Fedor, right?

“It doesn’t have to be Overeem,” Coker vaguely stated. “It could be [Antonio "Big Foot" Silva] or maybe [Sergei Kharitonov].”

The two sides are expected to begin negotiations as early as today regarding who, when and where for Fedor. Although the Russians are adamant about arranging a rematch to complete their contractual commitment with Strikeforce, the normally passive promoter says ‘tough pryanikis.’

“I just don’t think they’ll have a choice,” Coker matter-of-factly stated.

Coker knows Fedor vs. Werdum II is his ultimate bargaining chip in trying to re-sign Emelianenko. He said earlier last week that Werdum will be competing under his banner for years to come, so if M-1 wants to avenge their meal ticket’s only loss in the last decade, Strikeforce has access to him.

Fedor source: http://www.5thround.com/44415/strikeforce-finally-playing-hardball-with-team-fedor-emelianenko/


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