. New Deal for Fedor Could Be In Place Today
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New Deal for Fedor Could Be In Place Today

All of Fedor Emelianenko’s glorious accomplishments aside (which includes providing many, many, effin entertaining moments), it seems like the words ‘future’ and ‘could be’ far too often accompany the heavyweight’s name. Basically (and we will assume 90% of MMA fans are included in this) we just want to see the dude fight and fight often, but once again, following his loss to Fabricio Werdum this past summer, months will go by before that happens.

So what’s the latest word on “The Last Emperor’s” seemingly endless contractual and or bout negotiations? Well, according to a report from MMA Junkie today, M-1 Global could be close to inking a new deal which would mean that Fedor would remain with Strikeforce for the foreseeable future. The ‘crown jewel’ of the agreement, if it happens, M-1 Global would see some of its cards broadcast on Showtime. See—no wonder the UFC and Fedor’s management never came to an agreement. M-1 Global President Vadim Finkelchtein was quoted saying in the story:

“We have an agreement in place, and that agreement has one more fight on it. If we have to operate under that agreement; that’s perfectly fine. But if we have the opportunity to make the relationship more long term, than certainly we’re open to that as well. So we feel fine about that in terms of Fedor’s career because we know at some point very soon, he’s going to have a fight.”

So, long story short, Fedor will fight “soon”, which based off previous negotiations, could mean what? 5-6 months from now? Won’t Werdum be back by then?

Fedor source: http://mmafix.com/2010/10/report-new-deal-for-fedor-could-be-in-place-today/


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