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If Available, Would the UFC Sign Fedor Emelianenko After the Losses?

It's become a topic of issue now. Many fans have speculated and argued over the fact that, if available, the UFC would sign Fedor Emelianenko with his current losses.

Let's just make one thing clear before we continue: The UFC does not, I repeat, does not sign fighters after one loss, and especially not after two. It's very, very rare that they sign losing fighters.

Now, there is a possibility for an exception in this case. Like everyone else would say, why would the UFC pass up on the chance of signing the greatest fighter of all time?

The money and draw they would get from a Fedor event would be astronomical. Even if he was faced with a can or a lower-tier fighter, it would still draw and have an impact on fans.

Fans everywhere would say the same thing: "Oh my god! Fedor is in the UFC?!"

Then you would have those fans who would do anything and everything to bash the former Pride champion.

UFC president Dana White has blatantly made it known on his Twitter account how he has felt about Fedor. Let's just say he isn't a fan.

In response to a Fedor fan, Dana said, "Who the f--- has he fought in his last five fights that meant anything? It's OVER now so you can stop defending him."

Yeah, and that was the nicest one I could find besides the one where he just writes ":)"

But remember, MMA fans, Dana also said Kimbo would never fight in the UFC unless he went through The Ultimate Fighter. Even with a loss on the show to eventual TUF winner, Roy Nelson, he still made it to the UFC and subsequently ended the UFC career of Houston Alexander. Then, Kimbo was cut.

On paper, this looks like a match made in heaven: money, media attention and the fact that Fedor would finally face UFC competition.

Now all MMA fans would love to finally see a Fedor versus Brock Lesnar fight or Fedor versus Randy "Captain America" Couture in a Cold War-eqsue fight between the two.

Again, this would be in the best interest of the UFC if Fedor, and his management team, M-1, didn't demand the sun and the moon like the last time they were in contract talks.

At an affordable price, this is the best move for the UFC. But the fact of the matter is Dana has come out and called Fedor a fraud and doesn't sign fighters coming off losses. That alone kills any thought that the UFC would sign Fedor.

On paper, yes, they would sign him. In reality, it's only another dream that MMA fans will never see fulfilled.

By Sal DeRose

Fedor source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/624863-if-available-would-the-ufc-sign-fedor-emelianenko-after-the-losses


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- 0 + Mar 05 2011, 09:31 PM
Hey fedor, Why dont you get a form for all fans to sign from all over the world and send it to Dana White on twitter to sign you on! Its worth a try, but the more signs we get, which will properly be over a billion signatures. Dana cant ignore it. We just have to keep sending it , just to get the message through! Thank you Mr Fedor for taking your time to read my comment Your Fan Michael Sio from New Zealand

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