. Fedor Emeljanenko places all points above "i".
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Fedor Emeljanenko places all points above "i".

The correspondent: Nogueira asserts, that fight has been stopped not by rules: instead of "doctor stop" it is declared " no contest " though as he said, you have deliberately gone on collision. How you can comment on it?

Fedor: I think, that, more likely, it has gone on deliberate collision - from the last fights it is visible, that it never went a head forward, and I always watched, how I strike blows, during that moment I in any way did not expect from the opponent of movement by a head forward. Therefore if and to speak, that someone has specially gone on collision by a head, it, more likely, it, instead of I: My technics has not changed - I and now I beat, as earlier. And that it was not " doctor stop ", that doctors insisted on continuation of fight testifies, and in rules Pride there is such item - if between fighters there was an accident, misunderstanding, result can be cancelled. All has taken place by rules, president Pride mister Sakakibara talked to managers Antonio Noguejra who have agreed with decision Pride to cancel result and to lead repeated fight.

К .: Nogueira speaks - all went how it planned, on certain tactics. Thus it has noted, that has developed distinctive strategy from your first fight and has paid the big attention to constantly to move: his strategy consist in that as soon as the opportunity will be presented - to strike painful blow. What could you tell in this occasion?

F.: Probably, it also was any tactics. Yes, Antonio was much more active, than last time. But his any attack has not ended with success, I at an initial stage destroyed all his attempts to make painful. Therefore to tell, that there was any threat of painful or suffocating reception, - it is impossible, and I think, it is all clearly. And if to look once again fight is all it will be visible. And here impacts which I directed it to a head, obviously were productive.

К .: Nogueira in interview has told, that your impacts were for him trifling, completely painless, thus especially emphasizing, that you simply do not know painful receptions. Also it has told, that you did not perceive seriously his attack, and those who saw fight understood, that in due course all of you lost forces more, that it exhausted you tactics.

F.: I did not lose Force, because not one it prepared for tournament - I am confident, as Sergey Kharitonov, and the Agava, and, certainly, I - have devoted much time to preparation for final meetings Grand At. I wanted to become the champion - therefore prepared much, and the stock of endurance would suffice on all fight. I did not exhaust, did not reduce the rates.

К .: Nogueira considers, that has better been prepared for tournament, than you because it has not noticed at you any changes in strategy, tactics, as he said, you have already got used to fights, and all duels necessarily finish painful impacts. It once again has convinced Antonio that his level of preparation was more perfect that it has achieved the greater progress.

F.: his Progress, certainly, it is swept up, but hardly it is more, because I too move forward. Simply it became more actively, I recognize, that strategy against me, but, apparently, has not been bad developed she did not operate, appeared not so effective as, probably, expected Nogueira. Here therefore now it so speaks about that as should be much. I think, that it has felt the powerlessness and consequently now loudly speaks that fight has been lead with infringement of rules.

К .: On a question, what explanation you have received right after fight, Nogueira has answered, that all negotiations were conducted not with it personally, and with his managers, seconds.

F.: The matter is that he actually has managers, seconds who are responsible for him, make a decision are quite normally as Antonio has taken them in the command for the decision of various questions, including it concerns also the organization of fights. And if managers Nogueira have made the decision on repeated fight, means, have found it necessary - in professional sports the decision of seconds cannot be challenged.

К .: Interestingly your opinion concerning Antonio's following statement: " I think, that the strongest is already determined. For me it is victory TKO over a stop of fight by the doctor. That evening I became the strongest ".

F.: From its part I hope, that the impact by the head which has been lead Nogueira, was accident, instead of the going movement. If to see my last fights - my tactics has not exchanged, and here Nogueira this time has completely changed strategy, therefore, probably, similar impact has been stipulated by him though to assert anything it is impossible. And on the account of the strongest - earlier it did more, than spoke. And now from the person of an affair it turns to the talker.

К .: One of questions to Nogueira sounded so: " If Antonio Nogueira becomes the champion with whom it will prefer to fight next time ". It has answered it - I think, that have already won … and, except for that - the still more many strong fighters. Actually, Sergei Kharitonov was one of to whom I wanted to battle. Because it recently has risen on a ring. I am very much satisfied, that have won against the fighter who is full of ambitions. And at Heath Herring I the first time has won, when it was on the rise. And Bob Sapp was in the best form. Also Semmy Schilt and Mirko Filipovic . In fact you too have won everyone whom from the set forth above fighters have met on a ring?

F.: Yes, I too met on a ring with Heath Herring , Semmy Schilt , and itself Nogueira won. Besides I do not think, that Antonio has won this fight, and I think, that it will want to meet on a ring other fighter, rather than with me, more likely. By his intentions, it will delay ours with it fight. I am in turn ready to leave with it on a duel to place all points above "i", and in a result to reveal the strongest.

К .: Fedor, what your plans for the near future?

F.: First of all, to prepare for final fight Grand At which will presumably pass in December if, certainly, Nogueira will not refuse.

К .: And till December plan to act somewhere?

F.: In this interval I, probably, still shall act in any championship of Russia on fighting sambo-wrestling. And in the near future my manager Vadim Filkenshtejn invites me to arrive as the guest of honour to Saint Petersburg on tournament i-1, Tournament will pass on October, 9. By the way, my brother Alexander will take part in it. It should participate in superfight. Alexander will meet Brazilian Karlos Baretto. It is necessary to note, that Карлос in due time won against Bobbi Hofman, Ben Rotvel, Dan Bobish , Kevin Randleman and Michael Ilyukhin. So fight promises to be interesting. Also we plan to visit Holland on "2H2H" which will pass in huge stadium. The ambassador, probably, I shall go to America on tournament of the Eight of the strongest, that second our guys: Roman Zentsov, Armen Ganbarjan. Tournament will pass on Olympic system. On it eight strongest fighters will act. As it will pass I yet I do not know.

К .: This your debut in a role of the second?

F.: No, I already second our guys in Holland and if to take into account, that well I know their abilities (especially Roman Zentsov with which we repeatedly trained together), I think, my helps for them will be very important.

К .: How you consider, your trips will not affect preparation to Grand At?

F.: No, practically all actions are planned to the days off, and in everyday lifes I shall necessarily train.

К .: you wanted to add something else?

F.:  Yes, I would like to ask Antonio Noguejra how it was going to win me with the broken elbow? - now it gives reason for the refusal of preparation to Grand At that at him the elbow has been broken! And still - Nogueira spoke, what will change tactics and in following to fight will be more in an active position from above or costing so why it never for 4 minutes has passed on fight costing - why it has never risen?

We thank you for conversation, and it would be desirable to learn, that Antonio will answer the put questions.

Successes to you, Fodor, and, certainly - Victories!!!

Fedor, interview source: http://efedor.ru/index_eng.shtml?id=58


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