. Champion Fedor Emelyanenko has expose oneself only on 50 %.
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Champion Fedor Emelyanenko has expose oneself only on 50 %.

The city Stary Oskol. The beginning of summer, temperature reaches 25 degrees, around young greens birches. We have visited Emelyanenko Fedor who even now when has passed in Red Devil which headquarters is in Saint Petersburg, prefers to train in native city.
He waited for us before a sports hall, which is located at a corner if to speak in the Japanese style, "microdistrict". Passing by, most likely coming back with purchases, the woman and children, glance at him, not expressing special emotions. Fedor merges with an atmosphere of city that is however quite natural, taking into account that he here lives. He as always smiles to us a soft smile.
On a ring he is the strongest. Emperor, ice... Force, shown him, does not allow an occasion to doubt that all those words which to him apply, are suitable. This disbalance between his force and the smiling person taking place before eyes fascinates and at the same time is difficult for understanding. One men which well knows him, is working with him since the childhood - trainer Voronov. As he said, during their first meeting, ten years' Fedor was rather weak child in the physical attitude. Any time weak Fedor was exposed to jeers on the part of surrounding children who were more capable in fights. However this, possessed once complexes, the child has now achieved improbable results in all.
"He has not been gifted with talent, but was very persevering child. Persistence and now is his biggest talent. Due to the strong strong-willed qualities received from the god, he, made the big efforts, has overcome difficulties on the way”.
"The child assiduously developed and has turned to the self-assured and powerful young man. After three weeks after second round jf Pride Grand Prix the champion trains, paying the big attention to boxing. Invited for amplification of not numerous weak places in shock technics trainer Michkov has explained to us the maintenance of these trainings”.
"We pay the big attention to drawing of the modified direct impact, we fulfil hooks and uppercuts on short distances. Now a parity of boxing and sambo-wrestling - 50 on 50. Because he still has lacks of boxing technics.
" We have met Fedor after the termination of first of three trainings for a day, on his person the habitual smile has already returned”.

The correspondent: Looking any fight, we are always surprised, as you can remain such cool.
Feodor: When I am raised on a ring, I clean all emotions. I have opened this way during trainings.
The correspondent: Clean emotions? It seems to me, that everyone suffer just because it is impossible to them.
Fedor: But is in fact and fighters who, on the contrary, get itself before fight. For me my way is the most suitable. If I will not keep one's head, I not always can give all the best completely. I do not have scientific degree, but I became to some extent the scientist-psychologist, have invented a way of the control of the emotions. With it I was helped by conversations with trainers about their experience. "

The correspondent: it seems to me, that caused by yours composure the indifferent look is one of your attractive features as professional.
Feodor: And fans know it, therefore I cannot change style any more. I do not want to become similar to Bob Sapp (smilingly).

The correspondent: we heard, that in first round of Pride Grand Prix you used painful reception because did not want to beat Mark Kolmana. It is the truth?
Feodor: I respect him. We became good friends thanking Pride. Really, I have made so that to not beat it. If to speak about result, it has given to me chance, therefore I have decided to use painful reception.

The correspondent: the Japanese fans were surprised to that you really can all.
Feodor: Thanks. To satisfy fans, I shall try to show the attractive features even more.
The correspondent: Well-known, what you the native of the judo and sambo-wrestling, whether was doubts when passed in MMA?
Feodor: I could be arranged without problems, carrying out the trainings constructed on the basis of new rules. Besides simultaneously with the beginning of performance in Rings, I started to study command sambo-wrestling.

The correspondent: whether the Truth what you do not show also half of your potential? You, probably, much still can, about what we do not know?
Feodor: On a ring you choose reception which needs to be used, making of instant decisions. There are still more many receptions which I did not apply, but hope, that will show their chance in the near future.

The correspondent: I Think, that you beforehand make the plan of carrying out of fight. That is predominating: this plan or the instant decision?
Feodor: Basically, I try to adhere to the plan which has developed together with the trainer before fight. But depending on fight it happens so, that on a ring it should be changed. I should solve it itself. I define, that is the most suitable.

The correspondent: Probably, you can do it because possess magnificent base technics. You not so frequently show painful receptions, but this not because not so want them to use, the truth? For example, as Hikson Gracie.
Feodor: It does not occur meaningly. To tell the truth, I really most of all like to carry out fight, striking blows on the contender laying on a floor. Because it is the most effective way to win.

The correspondent: It is thought, that your contenders will try to transfer you to a floor and to take a position from above. Whether is at tactics on this case?
Feodor: In this case, probably, it will be better to lead painful reception from below. To tell the truth, depending on a situation it is possible to strike blows from below.

The correspondent: And from below to strike blows... It is not so stacked in imagination. It is technics of sambo-wrestling?
Feodor: No, it is a personal way of conducting fight. It yet up to the end is fulfilled, but it would be desirable to show it during fight.

The correspondent: Trainer Voronov speaks, that, proceeding from ideal representations, you as the fighter have revealed while only on 50 %. It would be desirable to hear your opinion on this account.
Feodor: (Smilingly) I always believe that the trainer speaks.

Feodor always honesty concerns to training. It is marked also by his trainer Voronov. It also enables it to become ideal from his point of view the universal fighter capable in various situations to behave ideally and to carry out receptions "on the automatic device". Probably, Fedor's terminal point as fighter will be achieved when he can "without emotions" on the automatic device " carry out and carry out receptions" that means. if it is possible so to be expressed, becomes battling machine.
At parting we have asked Fedor, whether he feels own force, but that he has answered.
“Certainly. To tell the truth, I do not think, that at me very much strong will in comparison with other people". And then has added.
"I want to live in a society a usual life, especially not being allocated."
It is quite possible, that this mood was transferred also to inhabitants of Stary Oskol. Having said goodbye, he sat in the small machine of domestic production "Lada" and has gone home.

Fedor, interview source: http://efedor.ru/index_eng.shtml?id=49


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