Яндекс.Метрика Fedor Emelianenko , Brett Rogers and Shane Carwin
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Fedor Emelianenko , Brett Rogers and Shane Carwin

Why Fedor is absoluty better than all UFC fighters in all weights.

If you watch the GSP vs Hardy fight, than you will see that GSP sucks in his submission game. And his stand up is worse too, how he can be a better p4p fighter than Fedor??

If you watch the Carwin vs Mir fight you will see that Mir is overrated like I wrote in my articles you can read it and I wrote this article before the last Mir fight.

Carwin stand up is weaker than from Brett Rogers so I am sure Rogers would knock him out in the first round.

For UFC you dont need a good submission game you only need good boxing and good submission defense. That is the reason why Chuck Lidell was so long the champion of this fucking promotion and Brett Rogers has a good take down defense and good boxing. Fedor is to good to compare him with any of this fucking UFC fighters who get beaten by a fake pro wrestlers. Its ridiculous. UFC is not mma. Every k1 fighter would smash Lesnar, carwin or Dos Santos. This guys havent a submission game so they cant beat a k1 fighter. If Badr Hari learn tkae down defense he would smash all UFC fighters. But he couldnt smash Fedor because he is perfect in submission game . UfC fights are fucking slow kickbox fights with little bit ground and pound. The fights are without technique without submission, without speed.

UFC fights are matches with fucking wrestlers who try boxing and fights very bad and slow.

Pride FC was much better. The fights was much quicker with great submission and great fighting arts. UFC sucks. Brett Rogers would beat every UFC fighter!

Fedor source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/370639-fedor-emelianenko-brett-rogers-and-shane-carwin


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