. Vladimir Voronov: Fedor Emelianenko Was The Chosen One, Brother Aleks Killed a Bear For Fun
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Vladimir Voronov: Fedor Emelianenko Was The Chosen One, Brother Aleks Killed a Bear For Fun

Fighters.com Heavyweight Champion “Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko’s (31-1) trainer, Vladimir Voronov, appeared on cable television station Russia Today Wednesday to talk about Emelianenko and Voronov’s first meeting with the world’s top heavyweight.

“I saw a halo over his head,” Voronov told Russia Today about his first meeting with Emelianenko 20 years ago. “He was the chosen one.” About Emelianenko’s work ethic, Voronov said, ”Overcoming laziness and tiredness, that is his way.”

Russia Today profiled the martial arts school run by Voronov and Nikolay Belousov where Emelianenko began his martial arts training, showing training dummies designed by Emelianenko only to be split open by “The Last Emperor”, stuffing hanging out as a new generation of martial arts students trained with them.

Aleksander Emelianenko (12-3), Fedor’s brother, also appeared and claimed, “I’m in the world’s top ten.” Emelianenko made a successful boxing debut in October, but said, “I’ll keep competing in combat sambo and mix fights, and competing in boxing on the side.”

Aleks claimed he and Fedor were so poor as children that they only ate potatoes and told a story about killing a bear with a knife “for fun”, then eating it.

When confronted by the interviewer that his tattoos are prison-related, Aleks Emelianenko responded, “I think it’s just your delusion,” and later claimed, “I spend half of my earnings on children’s homes.”

trainer source: http://www.fighters.com/11/25/vladimir-voronov-fedor-emelianenko-was-the-chosen-one-brother-aleks-killed-a-bear-for-fun


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