. Fedor Emelianenko Interested in Training with Shane Carwin
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Fedor Emelianenko Interested in Training with Shane Carwin

Just because Fedor Emelianenko isn’t interested in competing inside of an Octagon, it hasn’t deterred the Russian from keeping a watchful eye on his stateside counterparts. While many have argued his primitive training methods won’t stack up with what’s currently going on in rival camps, Emelianenko prefers the comforts of home.

However, it appears the secretive heavyweight is open to allowing a certain outsider to enter his inner circle.

“Firstly, when I train in the mountains in remote areas I train in the high altitude where it’s very cold – even near freezing,” Fedor said during Thursday’s conference call. “It just makes the entire training process that much more difficult, which I believe is beneficial because if I can get through it then I’ll be that much better for it.

“Another reason I do it is because nobody bothers me. All I do up there is train, eat and sleep. And all I need to concentrate on is the entire process of my training regimen without any distractions. I believe that’s what allows me to be in maximum shape leading up to a fight.”

While this formula has worked flawlessly throughout most of his illustrious career, the 34–year-old will be looking to bounce back from his first loss in nearly a decade, which has many believing change is long overdue.

If that’s the case, Emelianenko is open to exchanging with some new sparring partners. The world’s former/current top 265-pounder has a prior UFC interim champion sitting atop his wish list.

“I’m probably going to train in Russia [for the Grand Prix]. I’m more comfortable there and I like to be close to my family. It’s likely I’ll probably stay in Russia,” Emelianenko said. “But I wouldn’t mind training somewhere else and with someone like Shane Carwin, who is a good fighter.”

Antonio Silva welcomes Fedor back to the cage in the opening round of Strikeforce’s tournament. If “The Last Emperor” is able to advance past “Bigfoot” in February, that might be the perfect time to recruit Carwin’s services.

If champion Alistair Overeem can survive his quarterfinals matchup against upset specialist Fabricio Werdum, the showdown to end all showdowns will finally be arranged. What better way to prepare for a massive slugger than by training with … a massive slugger?

Although Carwin has plenty of horses to practice with, it’s likely he’d welcome Emelianeko in with open arms as he’s preparing for his comeback fight at UFC 131 in June. The timing would work out perfectly for both studs should Fedor advance to the semifinals of the Grand Prix.

Written by Tom Ngo

Fedor, interview source: http://www.5thround.com/65083/fedor-emelianenko-interested-in-training-with-shane-carwin/


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