. Dana White: “Fedor Emelianenko Looks Old and It’s Over”
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Dana White: "Fedor Emelianenko Looks Old and It’s Over"

Although Dana White held UFC 127 this past Saturday in Australia, and is hosting a freebie fight card this Thursday in Kentucky, the Octagon president had more than enough time on his hands to drop his two cents on Fedor Emelianenko.

According to the brash promoter, the Russian’s best days are well in his rear-view mirror and his fanboys simply need to live in the now.

“His fans just need to deal with it. Deal with the fact that he’s not one of the best in the world. It’s over,” White matter of factly told MMAFighting. “All that was back in 2005. It’s not 2005 anymore.

“Guy’s been inactive, hasn’t fought anybody good in a long time. He looks old and it’s over. It is what it is.”

White has tried to recruit Emelianenko to fight inside of his Octagon for years to no avail. To him, Fedor will always be the one that got away. It appears his heartbreak has quickly subsided since “The Last Emperor” was finished in his last two outings.

When asked what would happen if Emelianenko and his M-1 Global management company begged for a shot at the big leagues, White suggested his offer was permanently pulled from the table many moons ago.

“You can’t do business with these people, you just can’t do business with them,” White stated. “They made it very clear, even before [Fedor] got beat up twice, that they don’t want to fight the guys in the UFC.

“You saw what happened to him the last two fights. Why would you want to come in here and fight [my] heavyweights when you can go over there and make a couple million bucks getting beat up by guys that aren’t that good?”

After rattling off 27 consecutive victories, Emelianenko has now dropped his second straight scrap. The heavyweight division’s G.O.A.T. owns a 31-3 (1 NC) career record.

Written by Tom Ngo

interview source: http://www.5thround.com/69101/ufc-president-dana-white-fedor-emelianenko-looks-old-and-its-over/


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Relax bitch! What you talking about my chempion? He'll beat you and this f..... Silva! He is last imperior! He'll come back! And you gone see that!

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