. May 23 the fight of Alexander Emelyanenko vs. Matt "The Twin Tiger" - champion of Australia under the version MMA was held.
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May 23 the fight of Alexander Emelyanenko vs. Matt "The Twin Tiger" - champion of Australia under the version MMA was held.

- Alexander, was the fight difficult?

- The fight was not so difficult, more easy, than previous. It was finished preschedully on 4-th minute with suffocation.

Something remembered has taken place on the ring? May be the tactic of the opponent?

- The attention was involved not with tactics, but with manner of behaviour and hairdress of the opponent. Matt "The Twin Tiger" issued not clear growling (probably "has come" in an character, Tiger all the same), spat in the cams… With the twin-brother have arranged sortition on fingers - who will fight.

- That is, you at all did not know, who will fight with you?

- Is not present why, whom to meet on the ring, was predetermined beforehand. From Japan on the address of club "Red Devil" has come the tournament table, but, unfortunately, before a start in Japan I did not manage to learn, with whom I will fight, about the contender I has learned only before a duel.

- And how you prepared for fight? I know, that is usual the sportsmen study tactics of the opponent…

- I prepared as for any other duel. Usual trainings, in a usual mode. And already in Japan , when I has learned, whom will I meet on the ring, has

seen the information in the Internet, what kind of sportsmen is he. Already that he is the champion of Australia under the version MMA, spoke much about him.

- But as sportsmen you had approximately identical chances?

- Chances at all identical, only abilities - different. To tell the truth, I expected, that the contender will appear stronger, befor has not seen his fights…

- That is, for you the victory has not made the large work? Has come, has seen, has won?

- It is possible to tell so… Though, certain I tested discomfort. The flights, the change of time zones have leaved a mark on me… This time still so has turned out, that we have taken off day after fixed date, and it has turned out, that on adaptation there were only two days. Trainings before fight, interview, it is too exhausts…

- Heard such statement, what on the ring you are reminding on Fedor, be some kind of a shadow of the senior brother? But as against to him, you are larger, slowly move. What you can tell in this occasion?

- I do not know, most likely, has an effect that trains me in the basic brother, tactics of conducting fight I adopt at him, probably, it has an effect in duels.


And weight yours does not disturb?

- Is not so strong. Now I try to grow thin. I plan more to train.

- do you stick to the diet?

- Generally each sportsman has diet. I, for example, try to exclude from a diet farinaceous foods, greasy, sweet. Meat too ai not greasy, without a difference what.

- The conversation was interrupted by a bell, as has appeared, the relatives from Moscow called.

- At flight from Japan there was a funny case, - makes comments Alexander - we arrive in Moscow , and at the airport inform, that my luggage has got lost, "will arrive" by the following flight, and now relatives transfer by train from Moscow. Tomorrow I shall go "to meet" the equipment…

- And how you were met at home?

- Certainly, is very warm and is hospitable.

- In Japan someone from relatives was with you?

- On competitions went with Alexander Michkov - our trainer on boxing - and Vladimir Voronov - our the trainer on struggle.Fedor wanted to go too, but now he trains intensively - prepares to Grand Prix.

- And you, what plans for the nearest future?

- Planned to go with Fedor in Japan, there I planned preferential fight, but something was changed, and meeting have transferred on later term. And the next month the fights in Korea - they for the first time will carry out competitions on Pride - invite fighters from all world, were interested in, that I will take part, and, probably, I shall go there. Also in June in Czechoslovakia the Championship of the world on fighting-sambo is held.

- And if on terms of competition will coincide?

- If I will be invited in Korea, I shall go there. And if on time of realization all will develop safely, certainly, I want to go on a Championship of the world.

- What minimal term between competitions is necessary for you to be restored?

- In an ideal - month. Now between competitions such break also turns out. May 23 was fight in Japan, on June 20 I shall participate or in fights in Korea, or I shall go on a Championship of the world in Czechoslovakia, and in one month (at the end of July or beginning of August) - fights in Japan should be held. And to "come to oneself" after fight, was trips home enough: two days we were in Japan, then

day on flight - moving, and after returning home in evening I began to train. Certainly, much of envy from what was fight, as itself feel after it, and what period between competitions. Now one more circumstance, which does not allow to relax - Fedor prepares to Gradn Prix (they have two months a break between competitions), and I train together with him.

- Is it heavy to struggle with brother?

- Certainly, it is heavy. If physically we are approximately at one level with him, in skill he surpasses me.

- And how you consider, inclinations, in view of the physique, are given to the man from a nature or you can probably develop up to a desirable level?

- The people everyone are born identical - with two hands two legs, a head, and already in many respects only from the man depends, in what direction he wants to develop it.

- It is complex(difficult) to present me, for example, the man of low growth, gaunt from a nature with "champion" muscular system?

- Well why, Fedor on a background others fighters of Pride, it is possible to

say, is one of smallest. And, nevertheless, he - champion.

- The preparation for forthcoming competitions consists only in trainings with the brother, or are you in something engaged?

- Now we train only, and not with Fedor only. The guys from club "Red Devil" arrived to us: Roman Zentsov and Sergey Kaznovskiy. Unfortunately, Sergey has injured a back, and temporarily we train three.

- How do you find trainings with friends? Helpful?

- Yes. If earlier we trained only with brother, and in duel constantly were each other as the contenders, with arrival of the guys all considerably has changed. First, they will do for us on constitution: we are in one weight category, and on physical abilities let a little bit concede, nevertheless they teach us, we - them. You see than more contenders various, the more experience is got. It is necessary to be ready to any displays of force, skill, tactical "dodges"…

- Tell about the schedule of day?

- Twice per day training, two and a half hours, and in breaks between them - reception of food and necessarily day time dream.

- And how do you spend free time?

- More often in a circle of native, friends or with my girlfriend - Marina.

- And your girlfriend goes with you on competitions?

- I think, on the nearest competitions she will go with me

interview source: http://efedor.ru/index_eng.shtml?id=42


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