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I`m sure that as long as Fedor keeps training on the same level and with same determination as he does now, he`ll continue to have no equals in Pride or anywhere else. -Voronov.

The training camp involves almost all fighters involved in the upcoming April 14 match Russia-America, as well as young fighters for the first time in Kislovodsk, to obtain valuable experience.

First, the coaching team :

The person who trains Fedor since Fedor was 12 years old, and currently heads Fedor`s coaching team-Voronov Vladimir Mikhailovich. (b. May 20, 1965) Voronov is a senior coach of Alexander Nevsky club. Master of Sports USSR in judo and sambo, President of the Belgorod regional federation judo and sambo. His pupils more than 12 times became world champions, twice champions of Europe, many times champions of Russia.

In life Vladimir Mikhailovich, or as he is called by the team-Mikhailich vivid, emotional, charming man who, moreover, is in a truly impressive physical form.

Michkov Alexander (b. January 20, 1958)

In 1983 graduated from Volgograd Institute of Physical Education and was assigned to Stary Oskol shortly

after. Since then, he is the coach in the Olympic reserve club Golden Gloves. Master of Sports in boxing. Among the pupils of Alexander Vasilievich many winners of international competitions.

He trains Fedor from the outset of Fedor`s MMA carrier. Friends with Voronov for more than twenty years.

Ruslan Nagnibeda

came in the team relatively recently, in the run-up to war with Mirko Crocop. The checks of Crocop`s kicks etc. are the result of his work with Fedor. Ruslan is a world champion (ITF) in TaeKwonDo, Muay Thai World Champion (Euro Thay), 5-time World Champ in Seikin Do league. Lived in Japan for 4 years.

Voronov does ground work, Michkov hands, and Ruslan does knees and kicks.

But all coaches are versed in every aspect of MA.

Oleg Neustreev

Former boxer on a good level. He is a doctor, masseur and a physiatrist of the team.

Training camp:

3 weeks long. In high altitude. Not every jeep can make it up there in the

winter, it`s the highest point in the area.

Ioned air, sun radiation, less air pressure etc. all contribute to increased

cardio and better recovery.

Training details:

1st week. Getting into it, 3 training sessions a day. 7:30 am is the 1st

one. 1 hour long. Workout. The other two sessions are 2 hours long.

Technique, cardio, etc.

2nd and 3rd weeks get harder. The training sessions become 3 hours long. Sat

and Sun are free, but soccer and sauna are a must on Saturday.

Athletes eat very well and sleep a lot during all this.

Q. (for coaches) How do you prepare for specific opponents?

A. (Voronov) We try to watch as many fights as possible of our opponent and

study them in greatest detail we can. We even search the web. The fighter

ALSO is a part of game plan selecting team. IF the opponent is a striker, we

train striking more, and if he is a grappler we concentrate on grappling. We

find weak spots and work on that.

(Nagnibeda) take Zentsov-Rizzo. We found a typical mistake in our

preparation. He (Rizzo) always puts down his (same side) hand very low

during his kicks. He opens too much. We prepaired about 5 variations to use

punches against Rizzo`s kicks, and thou Roman was not a favorite in the

fight and Rizzo is a very experienced fighter our game plan was correct.

(Voronov) so one of the worst things that can happen before the fight is the

change of opponent. Japanese are a little bit better at keeping their

promises as to the opponents than American promoters.

Q. What`s the difference between Judo and Sport Sambo? Are you a Sambo or

Judo coach?

A. I`m a coach! (laughs)

Q. Does Russian governamet help you guys?

A. (michkov) Yes, but there needs to be MORE help. We rely on our selfs and

our manager Vadim Finkilstein a lot. The equipment in some smaller clubs and

schools is old.

Q. How does Fedor train?

A. Exactly the same as the rest of the team described above.

Q. Do you invite a bjj black belt to your camp?

A. No. Our Sambo is no worse, and we`re very well familiar with bjj and

their training. For striking we go to Holland they are the best at it, but

grappling we have no need for that.

Q. How do you rate Sergei? What would his chances be vs. Fedor?

A. (Voronov) Aleks needs to work, work, and work some more to reach Fedor`s

level, yet Sergei lost to Aleks. Once Sergei makes it TO Fedor, then we can


Q. How does training change before the fight?

A. (Voronov) After 3 week camp, we have 1 week rest, then training takes

shape of an actual fight. We train specifics, and actual combat in the ring,

at real speed, another words as close to the fight situation as we can.

Q. Is Fedor the best pupil you had? Why is he that good?

A. He is the best for sure. The reason is because he works harder than

anyone. He trains longer, more and harder than anyone else.

Q. Fedor looks smaller now. What`s going on? Is he dropping weight?

A. (Voronov) All changes to Fedor`s body are natural. We never plan to gain

or lose weight for him. He eats and trains normally all the time.

Q. What game plan vs. Barnett will Fedor have?

A. Barnett has ducked Fedor now for different reasons a few times, so let`s

not talk about game plan until he decides to fight.

Q. Game plan vs. Lindland?

A. regular training, and Fedor is a pro, he will NOT under-estimate


Q. Do you feel like you`re giving away some valuable info during such


A. Not at all, because no info can make a master. Everyone knows the details

of many things, but that doesn`t make one a master. What makes one great is

hard work. One has to die in training, only then a move begins to work.

Q. What is the diet for Fedor and others?

A. Regular good food with lots of fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and

natural healing recipes.

Q. If a fighter is sick do you take him off the card?

A. Being a fighter is being a pro, and pros have to monitor their health

well, so we don`t have many such cases and try to prevent them.

Q. How do you prepare Fedor for the fights? And other fighters? Does music

help? Heavy metal, to give aggression?

A. Fedor likes to not think about the fight at all. He plays cards and talks

about other things. Other fighters with less experience may like to be hot

before the fight, so we need to support them and yes, even aggressive music

helps then.

Q. Do you watch k1 and UFC?

A. Sure, if the game plan or the opponent warrant it.

Q. How is Kiril Sidelnikov`s injury?

A. He sustained an arm injury when his fist got rammed/smashed into a tough

forehead bone of the opponent. Unfortunately the fight wasn`t stopped right

away, and he kept fighting through the pain, and made it worse. He`ll be back  

in August, when the metal rod will be removed.

Q. What about Fedor`s age? His competitive hunger?

A. As long as he keeps training the way he does now, he`ll be on top. At

some point later, he`ll have to compete with himself find new ways to

motivate himself etc. AS it is now, he'll ONLY be winning!

Fedor, training, interview source: http://efedor.ru/index_eng.shtml?id=147


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