Яндекс.Метрика 'Bigfoot' Silva Wants Fedor Emelianenko Next, Will Also Settle for Josh Barnett
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'Bigfoot' Silva Wants Fedor Emelianenko Next, Will Also Settle for Josh Barnett

When we last spoke to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, it sounded as though he was leaning towards booking Alistair Overeem vs. Antonio Silva for the Strikeforce heavyweight title next.

But with Overeem's recent decision to compete in the K-1 Final 16 in October, it appears as though that won't be happening after all.

As a result, Silva has now turned his attention to Fedor Emelianenko.

Silva, along with his manager Alex Davis, were guests on Monday's episode of The MMA Hour, and they let it be known that they were ready and willing to fight "The Last Emperor" next.

"I don't think that the Overeem fight is going to happen right now because Overeem has already committed to K-1," Davis said. "We're hoping to fight Fedor. I think that's a fight that makes sense. I think everybody wants to see it. We know that there have been historical problems with Fedor's management, so right now, we're waiting for Strikeforce to resolve them. I mean, we'd love to fight Fedor, but it's like Antonio says, he's not going to pick and choose opponents. He's going to fight anybody they put in front of him."

If, for whatever reason, the Emelianenko can't be made, Silva said he would love the opportunity to welcome Josh Barnett to the Strikeforce heavyweight division.

"We just saw today that Strikeforce signed Barnett -- another fight that 'Bigfoot' would take gladly," Davis added. "'Bigfoot' is not in this business to pick and choose. His attitude is, if you're a champion, you need to fight who people put in front of you. That's the bottom line."

Overeem recently told MMA Fighting that he wasn't interested "at all" in a fight against Silva because he is "clearly the number 4" heavyweight in Strikeforce behind himself, Werdum and Fedor.

Silva rebutted that Overeem needs to worry less about match-making.

"Antonio says he doesn't think Overeem has to think anything. He has to [do] whatever the president of Strikeforce says," Silva said through Davis.

"He's a little bit different than Overeem. He'll fight anybody, be it Fedor, be it Werdum. Whoever Scott Coker puts in front of him, he's taking the fight happily."

Fedor, fight source: http://www.mmafighting.com/2010/09/14/bigfoot-silva-wants-fedor-next-will-also-settle-for-josh-barn/


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