. “This man . . . will never catch the “I am a star” disease”
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“This man . . . will never catch the “I am a star” disease”

As we had previously announced, GTRK-Belgorod started filming a documentary about the MMA champion Fedor Emalianenko.  The first film was completed at the end of May, and was filmed in Kislovodsk where the athlete was vacationing with his family.  We were able to talk to the filming crew about their opinions regarding Fedor and the documentary.

What we found out is that the producer for the TV-program which showed Fedor’s documentary. Maksim Pokutnev, has known Fedor for over 2 years.  They first met in February of 2003 in the Alexander Nevskii sports club (in Starii Oskol city)  where Fedor was getting ready for his first title fight. Maksim visited with Fedor and saw some of his training.  They also met when a Japanese crew was filming a documentary about Fedor.  Finally, he was directly involved in producing a 20 minute TV documentary about Fedor.

It took three days to shoot the material for this documentary.  As Maxim told us they spent just as many days getting to Kislovodsk. As we understood from the film crew, their task was not to show Fedor – the athlete, the champion, but instead Fedor – the man. The crew interacted with Fedor and his brother Aleksander during training, resting, and spending time with his wife and daughter. They were curious how Fedor and Oksana (his wife) first met, if

it was love at first sight or not, how their relationship developed, and what Oksana thinks about her husbands profession.

The crew found out, that Fedor and Oksana met as teenagers during a pioneer summer camp, where Fedor was participating in sports events,  and Oksana was a brigade leader.  Oksana, commented that it was hard not to notice Fedor, she added, “it is hard not to love him . . ..” Of all of Fedor’s abilities Oksana is most impressed with his humbleness as an easy-going down-t0-earth person. Fedor is a very social person, the soul of the party.

Oksana tells filmmakers how she was shocked by the video highlights which were broadcasted before the Fedor’s walk to the ring during his April fight.  The background song was the Funeral march, and the video showed the Earth with the text “One in 6 billion . . .” Oksana noticed everyone is completely shocked by Fedor’s detached smile before his fights.

In regards to what Oksana thinks about her husbands career, she said the following, “In sports, Fedor has achieved all that can possibly be achieved.  Now each of his new fights is only reconfirming his high status achieved in the ring.”

When we asked Maksim Pokutnev what was the most memorable event during the filming, he said “The first day.  In order to film how the Emalianenko brothers

train, we (the crew) had to run with them through forests and hills while carrying all the filming equipment and cameras.  Even though we had been preparing for this, we almost died.  Consider we arrived at Kislovodsk at 7:00 in the morning, and by 11:00 am we were running a 10 kilometer cross.

By the way, the guys (Fedor and his crew) run these 10 – 15 kilometer crosses every day.  From the base where they train to the «Sedlo» peak and back.  During one of the parts of the route you can see the beautiful Caucas forest, and when there is good weather you can also see Mount Elbrus.”

 The TV crew was also amazed that Fedor was being recognized on the streets of Kislovodsk.

 -People from the street would come to Fedor and ask him who else is trainign with him this time – explained M. Pokutnev – It’s interesting a lot of athletes showed up.  Some to train with Fedor Emalianenko, other’s just to see where the MMA champion trains.  There were some fans which just wanted Fedor to see them and evaluate their mastery/skills as a specialist.  These fans practiced eight or nine different martial arts styles (yet they all respected Fedor’s opinion.)

Another thing, that shocked us was the size of the lunch portions which these athletes would devour. . . portions the size of which a normal person who doesn’t train like

them would have a very tough time finishing.

Maksim Pokutnev remembers when he asked Fedor’s little daughter if she was afraid for daddy when he steps out in the ring to fight, Mashenka responded, “No, he beats everyone…”

What we remember the most are Maksim’s words about the champion: «Fedor is a guy who will never catch the “I am a star” disease».

PS.: Currently Fedor is training in St. Petersburg.  Even though his arm is no longer in casts, the sportsmen is dubious about fully exercising with it yet.  We hope that in the not that long a time left until August 28 (the day of the Mirko CroCop fight), Fedor will be able to prepare fully.  We wish Fedor a full recovery and good luck.

Fedor source: http://efedor.ru/index_eng.shtml?id=80


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You will always be the best ever Fedor! fans all over the world love you not only because of your incredible MMA skills, but because you have a great heart, your respect for other fighters, your professionalism, your faith and because even in your highest point of your career you always seemed human and not unbeatable.

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