. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva erased whatever was left of the Fedor Emelianenko mystique.
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Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva erased whatever was left of the Fedor Emelianenko mystique.

Silva forced a doctor stoppage against the revered Russian in the quarter-finals of the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix at Strikeforce “Fedor vs. Silva” on Saturday at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J. The end came between rounds two and three, Emelianenko’s right eye having been swollen shut by a series of hammerfists from the monstrous Brazilian.

“I trained hard for this fight with my camp,” Silva said. “All the people say, ‘Fedor, Fedor, Fedor.’ I trained too hard, and I showed it to the world now. I want the best heavyweights in the world.”

A competitive first round gave way to a lopsided second. Silva ducked one of Fedor’s trademark overhand rights and scored with a takedown inside the first five seconds. He passed to half guard and then to North-South position before moving to full mount. Hammerfists left Emelianenko’s face a mangled mess and forced the former Pride Fighting Championships heavyweight titleholder to surrender his back more than once. Silva worked first for a rear-naked choke and later an arm-triangle choke that nearly finished Emelianenko.

Exhausted by the worst beating of his storied career, Emelianenko saw his last-gasp effort come up short, as the two men traded leglock attempts at the close of the second round. The Russian returned to his corner, where it soon became clear he could no longer continue. Never before had Emelianenko been so thoroughly dominated.

Emelianenko, who had gone nearly a decade without a loss, has now been finished twice in the span of eight months. Afterward, he hinted at retirement.

“Something went wrong from the very beginning, and I couldn’t readjust myself. Maybe it’s time to leave,” he said. “Yes, maybe it’s the last time. Maybe it’s high time. Thank you for everything. I spent a great, beautiful, long sporting life. Maybe it’s God’s will.”

Fedor, fight source: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Bigfoot-Batters-Fedor-Forces-Stoppage-30129


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- 1 + Feb 14 2011, 07:55 PM
Fedor is the best heavyweight in the world, no one should state the opposite, his professional record speaks for itself, and I'm glad he remains humble both in victory as in defeat. He should be regarded as an ambassador of the sport. Even in this loss he displayed an iron chin, great heart and endurance. If he fights again or if he retires, I will always admire Fedor, to me he is still the best and I'm thankful for all the great fights. Everybody has to lose one day, but Fedor did it with plenty of class. Regards from Guatemala.


- 0 + Feb 14 2011, 04:41 PM
Fedor! Great Russia and likely the most of the world are with you! The matter is not in the temporary unsuccess. The crucial thing is that no fall no victory, this loss is also the victory!!!


- 0 + Feb 14 2011, 03:33 PM
Fedor I still believe you are the best fighter I have ever seen. Not just because of your record and skills but because of your humbleness, respect and personality. I think you are the ultimate example for all fighters to follow. If you do retire I wish you the best and thank you for all the great fights. But if you don't retire, I can't wait to see you get back in he ring. Thank you.


- 0 + Feb 13 2011, 09:31 PM
Aquele monstro do espaço,do antonio silva deu muita sorte,ele pensa que é quem para bater no fedor, satanésio maldito,vai pagar caro,fedor irá voltar e arrebentar esse demonio disgraçado,ele e o werdum malditinho.também..


- 0 + Feb 13 2011, 08:33 PM
traduction please::: fedor siempre seras el mejor peleador de toda la historia,,,,TU GRAN HUMILDAD ES LO QUE MARCA LA GRAN DIFERENCIA DE LA MAYORIA DE TODOS LOS DEMAS PELEADORES,,,NUNCA CAMBIES,,,,,,TU ERES EL MEJOR,,,y si,, talvez es el momento de ayudar a tu gente..cuidate mucho y que dios te bendiga ,,,,,,,saludos desde MEXICO...


- 0 + Feb 13 2011, 07:52 PM
Maybe this is a sign the is time to help another fighters or your people in Russia. Those are a more important reason that the money. Please, you must retire like the better fighter in the history with a fenomenal record (31-3) Be a the most important legend of the MMA and help to the people is more important. Thanks for all fenomenal fights. You will be the better always.


- 0 + Feb 13 2011, 06:59 PM
Regardless of what happened your the best heavyweight to ever compete. Sometimes you just have a bad fight. Please don't give up all your fans are here still to support. You are the greatest and that fight maybe just wasn't meant to be. Your awesome don't give up but if u decide to retire you still will always be the greatest in my mind


- 0 + Feb 13 2011, 06:33 PM
you're the best fighter of all time! you thanks god for a career and I thank God I could I admire! those defeats do not change you're the best!! greetings from Poland


- 0 + Feb 13 2011, 04:11 PM
Fedia My s Taboju! Pabezdajesh , ili proigryvajesh My s Taboju! Vse My liudi, vsio budet normalno !derzys!


- 0 + Feb 13 2011, 10:38 AM
Thank you very much, in my heart you're the best

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