. Dan Henderson Talks Fedor Emelianeko Fight, Breaks Down His Game
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Dan Henderson Talks Fedor Emelianeko Fight, Breaks Down His Game

Dan Henderson was a guest on HDNet's "Inside MMA" opposite guest host Tito Ortiz to discuss his upcoming Strikeforce bout with former PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko. While Ortiz makes an inane comment or question (I can't really tell what he's trying to say) Henderson himself talks about the catchweight of 220lbs and sundry other items. There's also this video where Ortiz and Henderson talk about how to defeat Emelianenko by timing the overhand right off of Fedor's upright posture and jab.

What stands out to me about this entire affair is just how gleeful Henderson appears to be. It's fairly easy to understand why he has more to gain and few less to lose in this bout. His light heavyweight title isn't up for grabs, it's not his natural weightclass and really, just a vanity project. While Fedor needs this fight for redemptive purposes (sort of), should he lose it'd be his third in a row and it'd be to a fighter who has competed at middleweight. Moreover, one gets the sense from watching and listening to Henderson that he firmly believes this is a fight he is more than capable of winning even if the oddsmakers disagree.

Henderson is walking with a grin he can barely contain. It's as if he's in on a secret, a birthday surprise or big news that will pleasantly shock everyone. When fighters can't disguise their poker faces anymore, one must take note. It usually reveals real delusion or real insight. Perhaps Henderson has a better chance than oddsmakers or fans realize.

interview source: http://www.sbnation.com/mma/2011/6/1/2200830/dan-henderson-fedor-emelianeko-strikeforce-mma-news


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