. EXCLUSIVE: MMA MATRIX Interviews Fedor Emelianenko
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EXCLUSIVE: MMA MATRIX Interviews Fedor Emelianenko

T_Mac: What, if anything, have you changed in your training camp for an opponent like Henderson?

FEDOR: I’ve drawn conclusions on what areas of my training need work. As a competitor, one must always improve; this time I have trained in Holland, in Russia and again at the training camp in Holland. I work with people who are the best in their disciplines and are focused on preparing me for the battle with Dan Henderson.

TwistedAngelMMA: What makes Dan Henderson a dangerous opponent for you?

FEDOR: Dan is an explosive, dangerous fighter and very strong. He uses good striking to attack and looks continue the fight on the ground. He has great speed which his rivals do not expect.

T_Mac: Where do you see your strengths lie against a fighter like Dan Henderson who is known for power in his hands and great wrestling?

FEDOR: That is not for me to say. Dan is a great fighter. I have prepared myself to the best of my abilities and everything else is God’s will.

T_Mac: Does going from fighting predominantly larger opponents to a guy that is a bit smaller than you boost your confidence a bit more than usual?

FEDOR: Dan is a very good athlete and I have prepared myself the best I can for when we meet.

T_Mac: What does this next fight, with Dan Henderson, mean for you in terms of your legacy?

FEDOR: I do not consider myself as a ‘legend’ or that I have created a legacy. I am just a simple man with heart who has been blessed to have competed with success. Thanks be to God for providing me these opportunities. Dan is an excellent fighter and I am looking forward to facing him.

T_Mac: What do you want to accomplish as you continue your fighting career?

FEDOR: I am motivated by the appreciation of competition and not the accumulation of achievements or accomplishments.

TwistedAngelMMA: At 34, how many more years do you plan on fighting?

FEDOR: Training for a fight is never easy and I train and prepare for every contest the same so I can compete to the best of my abilities. It is God’s will as to how long I will continue to compete.

T_Mac: Where do you see yourself in terms of your career, 5 years down the road?

FEDOR: Right now I am concentrating and preparing for my battle with Dan Henderson; what happens after this we will know in time and discuss then.

TwistedAngelMMA: Now that Zuffa owns Strikeforce if you ever had the chance to go for the UFC title or face somebody the fans want to see you fight like Brock Lesnar, would you take that fight?

FEDOR: It is the spirit of completion that motivates me. It makes no difference about titles or achievements. As to who I fight, I leave that up to my management team. My management worked very hard to secure my contract with Strikeforce and Showtime and I am happy with this relationship. I look forward to getting back in the cage and performing to my highest level.

TwistedAngelMMA: Will we ever see you in a different division before you retire?

FEDOR: I have competed as a heavyweight all my career and this contest with Dan Henderson will be in this weight class as well. What happens after my match with Dan Henderson is God’s will.

I would like to thank Eric, of M-1 Global, for setting this interview up for us.

Also, thanks to T_Macand TwistedAngelMMA for the questions they submitted. I think they did a great job.

Fedor, interview source: http://www.mmamatrix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2649


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