. Fedor signing with UFC still a possibility
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Fedor signing with UFC still a possibility

Number one ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenkos manager, Vadim Finkelstein, recently spoke regarding the potential of Fedor signing in the UFC and their thoughts on Dana Whites attitude:

It depends on UFC. We would like to cooperate with them. Everything depends on them, their diplomacy. It would be possible if they are flexible… I don’t want to compete with UFC, I want to co-operate with them. I think it could be a winning solution for everybody – for us, for them, and for MMA fans.

That’s his character, [Dana White] just loves to call names. He didn’t say bad things about M-1 only, there were a lot of situations where he was harsh. It makes me glad when Dana White talks about us. I respect the UFC, they’ve done a lot for the development of MMA, so I can pardon them such attacks. We respect him and let him grumble.

Fedor source: http://mmaheaven.net/news/fedor-signing-with-ufc-still-a-possibility/


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