. Fabricio Werdum Promises To Beat Fedor Emelianenko And Shock The World
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Fabricio Werdum Promises To Beat Fedor Emelianenko And Shock The World

Randy Harrison

It is a fairly well-worn cliche that tends to be trotted out for underdogs when they suggest that they are going to "shock the world" when they face off against their heavily-favored opponent and we're hearing no different from Fabricio Werdum as he heads into his bout against Fedor Emelianenko at a Strikeforce event that is planned for June.

Werdum is saddled with the task of trying to defeat a fighter that has won eleven straight fights around the world and has not been beaten in twenty-nine fights overall. He spoke to GracieMag.com about the upcoming bout and his belief in himself;

"I have to respect him because he’s the man. So I’m really dedicating myself for this fight. I’m confident and I’ll surprise the MMA world. Not a lot of people believe in me. Since the guy is the best, a lot of folks say there’s no way I can win. But no problem. It’s good to go in as the underdog, because surprises always happen. A fight’s a fight. How often do they say so-and-so is going to win and then he loses? I’ll win this fight. Folks will only believe it when I win."

Werdum comes into the fight off of two straight Strikeforce victories over Mike Kyle and Antonio Silva and while he may feel like he has the skills to pull off the upset win, it's hard to envision a scenario where Werdum can come out with the edge unless he manages to catch Emelianenko on an off night or has a little bit of luck on his side.

Fedor source: http://nokaut.com/?id=12&solo_news=5226&lang=e&title=Fabricio+Werdum+Promises+To+Beat+Fedor+Emelianenko+And+Shock+The+World


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- 0 + Apr 06 2010, 06:13 PM
si, capaz que algun dia le va a ganar al supremo Fedor!!!

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