. Fedor and Couture to Share EA MMA Cover, Release Date Set
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Fedor and Couture to Share EA MMA Cover, Release Date Set

E3 week is officially underway and in its early stages today EA Sports has delivered some goods on its upcoming EA MMA fighter, including the video game’s cover fighters, release date, and a brand new feature.

Couture Joins Fedor on EA Sports MMA Cover
It was a complete no-brainer that Russian superstar Fedor Emelianenko would be posterized on the game’s front, but Electronic Arts revealed a bit of a twist to that plan at E3 as MMA legend Randy “The Natural” Couture will be gracing the cover as well. This is a little surprising given EA’s history of favoring the single-athlete video game cover as seen with their Madden football franchise.

EA MMA Release Date Given
It had been widely known that EA MMA would be making its debut in the latter half of this year, but EA finally came out today with a set date for the game’s release. That release date will be October 19th, so set your calendars.

Live Broadcast Unveiled
It was announced today in the press conference that EA MMA will have a new spectator mode called Live Broadcast. An article on ign.com explains more about the Live Broadcast features, which could even include real prizes for match winners.

Fedor source: http://gofighter.com/featured/fedor-and-couture-to-share-ea-mma-cover-release-date-set/


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