. MMA: Where's Fedor? Hopefully Not Under Your Bed Mr. Werdum
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MMA: Where's Fedor? Hopefully Not Under Your Bed Mr. Werdum

Look back to the summer of '09 in the MMA world, particularly at the miss-guided news that Fedor Emelianenko had finally signed with the UFC at last.

What emotions did you have?

What feelings or predictions did you make?

If you’re like me, you were going insane, that the impossible became somehow possible and that the best HW in MMA had miraculously touched down on the biggest MMA stage in the US.

Sound too good to be true?

That’s because it was and still is and may always be just that, too good to be true. If you’re a realist, you understand the money games in the scenario with the UFC and M1-Global; co-promotion is the only option...umm yeah not going to happen.

So let’s see what we have now shall we?

Fedor is still as exciting, dominate, and skillfully imposing as he was after the dismantling of Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski, he just added another name to that resume in Nov., Brett Rogers.

But the speculation has begun to swirl again, UFC talking to M1-Global, Fedor fighting in Japan, Fedor "avoiding" Fabricio Werdum, blah blah blah. Rumors are natural in the sports world, always have been, that’s why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

Focus back on Fedor and Werdum. This fight can happen, this fight will happen, this fight must happen. If you’re a MMA fan then you already know who Werdum is and the fight hype isn’t that entire relative in your eyes.

This fight will be worth the billing whether it is on Showtime or CBS I can promise you that. Both men are masters on the ground and grappling, (Werdum Black Belt in BJJ and Judo, Fedor Black Belt in Judo and Master of Sports SAMBO) this usually is a indication that the fight may very well end up as a stand up battle all the way.

The excitement that surrounds Fedor's fights is epic and induces coma-like symptoms when watching him KO or almost rips off the limbs of his opponents. It can’t be put into words no matter how hard anyone can try. He has that quality about him you can’t put your finger on, that thing that can’t be seen, that mystery that can’t be solved.

The man can get dropped on his neck and a half minute later win via arm lock, who does that?

He can get rocked with a right hand and do a fish dance then come back to win in heroic fashion. But he can also drowned out all the distractions, fame, attention, and pressure to somehow train and live modestly.

The expensive cars, flashy jewels, women, mansions, and parties are not just a non factor in his life, but possibly not even a thought that crosses his mind.

If the man is so humble and reserved why do so many hate or despise and doubt him?

The fact is that he's the complete opposite of what has been shoved down the throats of society since the Ali Era began with fighters spewing hatred towards each other before fights.

He doesn’t, why not?

Because he doesn’t need to, he lacks no confidence in his ability to beat anyone on any stage, in any organization, in any country. Fedor's record is immaculate standing at 32-1-1.

For all the haters and nay Sayers out there that love Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, Shane Carwin, etc etc etc, by all means go ahead love whoever you want, it’s America, land of the free.

Just remember that for every doubter's question, Fedor had a swift and remarkable answer (Sylvia, Arlovski, Coleman, Randlemen, Nogeria, and Cro Cop) and the hits just keep on coming.

Fedor source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/367118-wheres-fedor-hopefully-not-under-your-bed-mr-werdum


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